The new World of Warcraft (WoW) extension, Dragon flight, brings with it a bunch of new content for players to explore. Explore the dragons’ islands, or go on a flight to dragon’s back and so much more!

As we understand, the extension Dragon flight was released at completion of November and as the previous extensions of World of Warcraft, it is paying: MMORPG customers can buy a copy of Extension to make the most of its content (specifically the dragons islands, flight to
Dragon’s back or the new playable RATHER archetype) or not let be and go satisfied with the material of the previous extensions.
To motivate the reluctant, Blizzard unlocks the content of Extension free of charge until January 2.
In other terms, the MMORPG customers who have actually not purchased Extension will still have the ability to create a RATHER character or to understand the brand-new areas of the MMORPG up until completion of the holiday duration (Monday 2 January).
Beyond this limitation, the content of Extension Dragon flight will be blocked once again, unless Educating its copy of Extension.
And to make a great procedure, Blizzard adds another promotion to it: till January 2, the copies of Dragonfllight Sac load of 30 Days of Mobilization, which therefore come to contribute to the paid for the basic variation of the MMORPG.
If the holiday season contributes to advertising operations, we can sinter on the factors for this dives try version and this promotion, just a couple of weeks after the release.


We interrogate more than Blizzard NA communicated no sales figure for Dragon flight, while the studio is normally inclined to boast the great outcomes of its extensions-3.7 million copies cost Wow: Shadow lands, for instance.
We envision that the promo is primarily intended at the gamers of World of Warcraft Classic who would not have checked the last variation of the current variation of the MMORPG and the curious will take advantage of it to understand in the islands of dragons on the.

The others will await the designer’s quarterly accounts to judge the financial and popular success of Extension.