John Carmack, the mythical video game programmer and co-founder of the no less mythical Software (Doom, Quake), ends its relationship with virtual reality within the goal.
It is something that w already seen from afar, although that does not remain important to his final decision.
And it is symptomatic of the ways in which metaverse by Mark Zuckerberg is being managed.

This is the end of my decade in virtual reality

With these words John Carmack ended his work with virtual reality within the goal.


The brilliant programmer had long been (we encourage readers to do with the book Mter of Doom, where this man’s head works) did not cut a hair when showing his discontent with the company.

Yesterday, in extensive communication on Facebook that already accumulates 6500 reactions, more than 360 comments and h been shared almost 900 times, he commented:

We have a ridiculous amount of people and resources, but we constantly take care and wte efforts.
There is no way to sweeten this;
I think our organization is working with half of the effectiveness that would make me happy.

John Carmack
And this is the key.
In fact, in a post update, Carmack touched even more about efficiency problems:
a person who is dedicated to systems optimization, I care deeply efficiency.
When you work hard in optimization during most of your life, see something that is extremely inefficient hurts your soul.

John Carmack
The abandonment of Carmack, together with the brutal cuts that are being carried out in met overs, do nothing but underpin the feeling of the end of an era, one that promised to open the doors of our future in relation to our environment, others and
the technology.