The well-known German foundation for product testing, Shifting Earnest, has tested televisions shortly before Christmas and the test winners in all size categories come from LG.

  1. 65 inches: The top TV at Shifting Warentest-and the least expensive offers
  2. 55 inches: The leading television at Shifting Warentest-and the least expensive offers
  3. 50 inches: The top TV at Shifting Warentest-and the cheapest offers
  4. 43 inches: The top TV at Shifting Warentest-and the most affordable offers
    If you desire to acquire a 4K television and also want the most effective quality at the very best price, you should proceed reviewing now.
    Shifting Earnest examined television quickly prior to Christmas.
    TV gadgets from LG reduced to all dimensions categories (up to 43 inches, as much as 50 inches, up to 55 inches and also as much as 65 inches) finest from the LG OLED TVs are examination victors anywhere.
    Other leading devices in the areas or as a price-performance examination champion originated from Samsung, Sony or Panasonic.
    We searched in the price comparison where you can currently find the least expensive deals for these top TVs, which are also ideally matched for video game followers with computer, PS5 or Xbox Collection X.
    And also we located what we were searching for at, Media Market, Saturn & Co. It is worth it promptly, since prices and also accessibility can alter any time before Xmas.

65 inch: The top televisions at Shifting Warentest-and the least expensive deals

The test victor at the TV test by Shifting Earnest with 65 inches (165 centimeters) display diagonal is the LG OLED TELEVISION 65G19LA.
The LG OLED TELEVISION 65C27LA got the exact same general ranking (1.6), which is barely referred to second area.
The 3rd ideal 4K TV is the extremely initial OLED television from Samsung-and Korean producers generally counts on self-developed LED technology.
Yet the Samsung OLED GQ65S95BAT stands apart the internal competitors.
All three leading TVs, which are also extremely appropriate for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC many thanks to HDMI 2.1 and also 120 Hz, is most favorable at soon before Xmas and as much as 1,800 euros with strong price cuts contrasted to the advised retail recommended.

The very best offers for the very best TVs with 65 inches

Test champion: LG OLED65G19LA TELEVISION 164 centimeters (65 inches) 4K OLED TV (Evo-Paneltechnology, 120 Hz, wall brace).
EUR 1,938.31 (-45%).
Second ideal television 65 inches: LG OLED EVE TV 65c27la EUR 1,999 (RAP 3.099 EUR)|| at Amazon.
Third-finest television 65-inch: Samsung OLED TV GQ65S95BAT EUR 1,899 (RAP 3.699 EUR)|| at

55 inches: The leading TVs at Shifting Warentest-and the most inexpensive offers.

The test winner is additionally an LG television in the dimension of 55 inches (139 centimeters).
Particularly, the LG OLED TV 55C27LA.
The third-highest score at 65 inches, the Samsung OLED GQS95BAT, gets the 2nd greatest score, only the rather smaller sized variation.
The price-performance champion is the Panasonic LCD TV TX-55JXW944.
We additionally browsed for the most inexpensive deals for movie and series followers in addition to for players with PS5, Computer or Xbox Collection X super-suitable top televisions-and have actually discovered it on at Saturn, Amazon and Professional.

The most effective deals for the ideal TVs with 55 inches.

Test winner: LG OLED55C27LA OLED EVE TELEVISION (Apartment, 55 inch/ 139 centimeters, UHD 4K, Smart Television, WebOS 22 with LG Thing).
EUR 1,499 (-33%).
(RAP EUR 2.249) Second-best television 55-inch: Samsung OLED TV GQ55S95BAT EUR 1,349 (RAP 2,599 EUR)|| at

50 inches: The top television at Shifting Warentest-and the cheapest deals.

Not only in sizes 65 inches and also 55 inches, a leading television from LG ranked to 1st area also for television collections of up to 50 inches (127 cm) is a 4K TV from LG examination champion.
As well as with the C27LA it is a good friend for every person that has already check out the upper paragraphs.
Here, as well, a Samsung TV occupies second area and also Panasonic gets the price-performance success. as well as Media Market offer the very best offers for these leading TVs for film, collection, sports and also video gaming (PS5, COMPUTER, Xbox Collection X) quickly before Christmas, however prices as well as availability can change at any moment.

The most effective deals for the very best TVs up to 50 inches.

Test winner: LG OLED48C27LA TV 121 cm (48 inches) OLED EVE TV (Cinema HDR, 120 Hz, Smart Television) [Model Year 2022] EUR 1,187 (-10% compared to medium price of the last 90 days).
Rate efficiency winner approximately 50 inches: Panasonic LED TELEVISION TX-49JXW944 847 EUR ## 43 inch: The top TVs at Shifting Warentest-and the least expensive deals.

You currently think: The test victor at Shifting Earnest in the category as much as 43 inches (109 centimeters) originates from LG.
And once again it is the LC OLED Eve TV C27LA with top image and also great devices including HDMI 2.1 and also 120 Hz weight for players with PS5, Computer or Xbox Collection X. The second-placed television originates from Sony, during the price.
– Performance champion is an LG LED TELEVISION.
You can get this specifically inexpensively at computer cosmos on eBay until soon before Xmas.

The very best offers for the very best televisions approximately 43 inches.

Examination victor: LG OLED42C27LA TV 107 centimeters (42 inches) OLED EVE TV (Cinema HDR, 120 Hz, Smart TV) [Version Year 2022] EUR 1,088 (-34%).

  • Best heart TV as much as 43 inches: Sony OLED TV XR-42A90K EUR 1,449 (RAP 569 EUR) ##.



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