Diablo® Immortal ™, a MMORPG (large multi-user online action role-playing game) that anyone can enjoy for free, is going to be applied today (14th, Wednesday) through a large update that will be applied at 11 am (Korea time)
It will showcase various new contents including new regions.

Diablo Immortal is an AAA-class Blizzard game that can be enjoyed for a long time through continuous updates such as new areas, dungeons, season, and stories to enjoy the core gameplay experience for a long time.

Standpoint, the first new region added since its launch in June, is an exile island that has been used as a secret prison for the West, and is the largest sculpture among players’ world seats.
The player sails into a prison island covered with salt and investigates the evil plot that wants to use the power of the largest world stone manipulation that occupies the island.
Detailed descriptions of new areas can be found in the developer update video.

In addition, five new tells are added.
The deputy of the hell is the skin of the skin, the crawling disaster dimension, the jade sin is the sun catalog, the jade of the fallen, and the warmth predators Dangers are more than five adventurers in the sanctuary.
You have to come before.
In addition, hell difficulty VI, VII, and VIII are added for players who want to raise the conqueror level to a new state.

Through this large-scale update, new decorating items will be added, including five new legendary gems, and new decorating items such as winter set grain leather sold in in-game stores and sets of sacred wilderness decorating items sold in the ghost market.
Season 8 Battle Pass: The hidden sun will start at 3 am on Thursday, 22nd.

Diablo Immortal information can be found on the official Immortal website.