Now that the Galaxy Guardians saga faces its end, Marvel’s cinematographic universe prepares his continuation with the arrival of Adam Warlock, without a doubt one of the most missed letters of Marvel Snap.
With the possibility of stealing a letter at the end of each turn if you are winning in that location, the idea behind this Adam Warlock deck is to make the most so that you always have in hand the cards you need.

The best Adam Warlock deck in Marvel Snap

From the hand of the classic Mao Zoo to enhance letters with continuous, the figure of Adam Warlock will be key to spend the last shifts stealing more letters than the opponent and, with it, with more options to turn around the game.


The key play is to follow the classic strategy of Ant-Man, Nightcrawler and Ebony Maw so that, already in turn 4 and with the support of Armor to avoid scares, the good of Adam Warlock has that location more than insured until the end
of the game.
The rest of the game is limited to the usual with this type of deck, with kayaking enhancing the costs of cost 1, Blue Marvel enhancing them all, Iron-man doubling our power where we are shorter and, by discounted, Spectrum
Putting the lace in turn 6 to add two points to all our continuous cards.

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