The best Kirk in Latham is a chorus made of black metal added in the update of Mist lands.
Black metal pickles are powerful tools that can quickly break all types of metal ore.
These picks are also made of Anaheim material called Black Metal, which makes the Black Metal picking a slightly difficult task.


Fortunately, it is not difficult to understand how to get a brick of black metal in the foggy lands of Latham.

How to make bricks made of ferrous metal in Latham

To make a brick of black metal in Latham, you will need three Yggdrasil and 25 units of ferrous metal.
You will also need a second-level forge before you can make a black metal China.
Nevertheless, both resources necessary for the black metal China are difficult to collect, since you need to go in a high level for both resources.
Here’s how to get a YGGDRASIL and black metal tree to make a black metal chorus in a valuate.
How to get a tree of Iggrasil-you can get the forest you need Yggdrasil by finding a boom of foggy lands and deforestation called the shoots of Yggdrasil.
The shoots of Yggdrasil grow high on the mountains and large rocks/hills.
Shoots also seem to grow next to the glowing ancient roots in the biome of foggy lands.
How to get a black metal-you can get Black Metal in Latham, killing rulings that roam the plains in the boom.
By killing rulings, you will receive a scrap of ferrous metal, which can be melted into a domain furnace to make black metal.
As soon as you make a brick of black metal in Latham, you can improve it in the forge.
Before improving the pick, we recommend updating the forge to the maximum level.
In short, you need a fully improved forge to update the brick to the maximum level.
If you already have a forge of the maximum level, you can use the Yggdrasil and black metal tree to improve your brick.
The full cost of improving your brick Black Metal is below:

List of cost update Latham Black Metal

List of characteristics of a fully improved brick Latham Black Metal

  • Mass-2.0
  • Durability-410
  • Prey-64
  • Pier-69 (20-40)
  • Use endurance-14
  • Block armor-2 (2)
  • Block force-40
  • Warning bonus-2x
  • Discarding-50
  • Back in the back-3
  • Speed of movement:-5% (total:-6%)
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