The Chronicle of the Desert Pavilion and Lost Flower of Paradise are sets of artifacts that can be obtained in the city of gold, a domain located in the depths of Hajj-Nisut.
Here’s how to find a domain and some tips on how to quickly process it.
The city of gold is located north-east of Hajj NIST.
From the nearest track point of the teleport, head in the vicinity and slide down where you will find the artifact domain.
You do not need to solve any puzzles to enter-just interact with the domain to unlock it.

Genshin Impact desert pavilion chronicle Artifact Statistics

The chronicles of the desert pavilion are great for the units of AEMO DPS, which rely on applying ordinary and charged attacks.


The characters that can benefit from this set include a wanderer and Chicano Video.
2 pcs.: Bonus to damage from anemia +15%.
4 pcs.: When charged attacks affect the opponents, the normal attack speed of the equipment of the equipment increases by 10 percent, and the damage from ordinary, charged and rapid attacks increases by 40 percent by 15 seconds.

Statistics of the Lost artifact genshin impact Flower of Paradise

The flower of lost paradise is great for support characters that increase the skill of the elements and specialize in Pedro’s reactions against the hydraulic and the arsonist.
The characters that can benefit from this set include Majid, but the composition of the team is the key to the set work.
2 pcs.: Increases the skill of elements by 80.
4 things.:
The damage to Bloom, Hyperbloom and Burgeon of the Equipped Character increases by 40 percent.
In addition, after the equipped character activates flowering, hypertension or flowering, he will receive another 25 percent bonus to the effect mentioned earlier.
Each stack of these lasts 10 seconds.

Maximum 4 stacks at the same time.
This effect can work only once a second.
The character who equips this can still activate his effects when he is not on the field.

Tips and recommendations for growing chronicles of the desert pavilion and lost artifacts of the paradise flower in Genshin Impact

The domain of the city of gold gives rise to eight enemies, including mushrooms and mucus, which appear in several waves.
To speed up the monotonous grind of artifacts, we recommend that you are as follows:
Bring youth without Hydro DPS, as the domain gives rise to Hydro Slides, which are immune to the element.
If possible, take AEMO’s character with you, such as Vent, Hall or Tarzan to group enemies.
Use food that increases the attack and Crete, or essential oils that enhance the element to increase the damage.
Check out our guidance on how to unlock the Altar of Mirage domain in the Priam Pro Pro manual in order to unlock another domain in the desert.