Callisto’s loans are an in-game currency or money that you use for various purchases and updates in Callisto Protocol.
To fight the biofag, you need to continue to modernize your equipment, and it is here that Callisto loans are required.
If you are struggling to support a sufficient number of loans, let us explain how you can farm loans in the Callisto Protocol.
You will need this money to buy weapons and equipment in Reforge.

How to quickly make money in The Callisto Protocol

Loans or money can be obtained in several ways in The Callisto Protocol.
While you are not trying to go in a hurry, you can earn a decent amount of money.

killing enemies-biofags

One of the ways to farm loans is to kill infectious biophage enemies.
You will encounter many of them during the passage of the storyline.
However, receiving loans during their murder occurs quite by accident, as it depends on your health and ammunition.
If you have little ammunition or health, then when killing enemies instead of loans you will receive ammunition or first-aid kits.
If you kill them to earn loans, make sure that your ammunition and health are close to the maximum.

looking at the cabinets and prison cameras

During the game, the study of the terrain and viewing empty cells can bring some loans.
In addition to this, do not forget to pay attention to the cabinets, as they can also provide you with Callisto loans.
They are mainly located in locker rooms, but this is not always the case, since some of them can be found outside.

stomp along the corpses of enemies

As mentioned earlier, the murder of enemies leads to obtaining loans.


In addition to this murder, there is another way to farm loans.
You need to come close to the dead enemy lying on the floor and trample on him.
He can also farm a little Callisto loans, but this is not happening every time.
Sometimes this can lead to the fact that loans will not be earned, since this happens quite by accident.

Opening chest chests

In addition to finding cabinets and cameras, do not forget to look for containers, such as storage chests.
Before proceeding to the next missions, be sure to find them, exploring the area, for example, dark corners, since their opening can bring Callisto loans.

Sale of unnecessary things in Reforge

As you go through the game, you modernize many types of weapons.
This turns outdated objects into garbage for you.
You can sell these items, including ammunition, in certain places called Reforge terminals.

By selling, you can also earn Callisto loans.