In Warhammer 40k: Dark tide, players perform certain tests known as repentance. These tasks require great selflessness to fulfill, since they are incredibly complex.

You will take up tasks that require very specific and strict conditions for fulfillment. Some of these tasks may initially seem impossible, but, having shown enough patience, you will probably cope with them.

The next leadership will tell you how to finish the repentance of a dead eye in the game.

How to get a repentance of a well-aimed eye in dark tide

You need to practice your goal for this repentance. In the task of a well-aimed eye you have to kill 5 enemies, inflicting blows to them only in their weaknesses. In addition, you can complete this task only using additional weapons at the level of the heresy complexity. In addition to all this, you cannot use volley fire more than once, performing this task.

Tips for repentance of a well-aimed eye

  • Use the exact single-shot secondary weapon to hit weaknesses (Logan is ideal). If you use a fully automatic weapon, the return will complicate the task.
  • Regardless of which weapon you decide to use for this test, make sure that it is modernized to the maximum.
  • It is strongly recommended to try this repentance after reaching the 30th level. Thus, your volley fire will be recharged after using any skill that will simplify this task a little.

The best feats to complete the repentance of the dead eye

As mentioned above, the skill that you choose must maintain your volley fire. Below are ideal exploits for this repentance.

  • Level 5 (at an extended arm)
  • Level 10 (sniper)
  • Level 15 (covering fire)
  • Level 20 (camouflage expert)
  • Level 25 (Dead shot/Once after another)
  • Level 30 (counterclaim)

Dead eye Penance requires having a decent target. Nevertheless, the exploits described above make this task the fulfillment. At 25, you have two options; Deadly shot is an option with a high risk and a high reward, and a lot of skills are required to implement it. A much safer option of both one by one since this does not require much skill. The final feat counterclaim at the level 30 without this repentance of the dead eye is almost impossible.