News of this returning vacation event from the Impressive Games Shop originates from Deal abs user Billie run who responded to somebody’s comment in a post about free Legendary Games Store games. The thread was about the Impressive Games Store giving away Star Wars: Squadrons totally free, but another person asked about the introduction calendar event as some have actually dubbed it. Deal abs user Billie run who’s precisely shared info in the previous about dripped deals and such said that the Impressive Games Store occasion will undoubtedly be back this year and will apparently be starting someplace in between December 15th and January 10th.

Provided that this deal consists of weeks of complimentary games offered away each day, there are bound to be some that don’t interest people, so there are periodically complaints about what’s being given away. It’s difficult to validate these sorts of complaints when video games are given away weekly and even more difficult to do so whenever video games are provided away for complimentary everyday throughout the vacation occasion.

Legendary Games should officially announce to prepare for this vacation event in the future to set exact dates. In the meantime, Legendary Games Store users can still get Star Wars: Squadrons for free until December 1st.


The Impressive Games Shop regularly uses its users totally free video games each week, but throughout the year, there’s one deal in specific to eagerly anticipate: the free video games distributed around the holidays. Those consist of a free game every day rather of each week with the occasion running for a set amount of time that usually spans around a month. And based on current reports, it appears that event will be back when again this year, too.

[h/t VGC]