With 55,000 copies sold on PS5 and 35,000 on PS4, God of War Ragnarök made a launch at 90,000 sales without counting downloads, which places it not only above the 2018 God of War (67,000 sales on PS4) however likewise far ahead of the majority of other PlayStation exclusives. On the PS4 generation, only The Last of United States Part 2 amounts to 90,000 sales also for the title of Naughty Canine.

The other current performances of the PlayStation studios consist of Uncharted 4 (80,000), Horizon Forbidden West (42,650), Gran Tourism 7 (32,000) or Ghost of Sushi (30,000). Let us merely keep in mind that God of War Ragnarök had two more days because released on Wednesday, against a Friday for most other PlayStation Studios video games. As a suggestion, God of War Ragnarök is credited with a launch of 145,000 sales in the United Kingdom (only scarlet/ purple and FIFA 23 Pokémon did better this year) and 40,000 sales in Japan, still without downloads.

Ideally, the release of the video game of Santa Monica Studio need to have coincided with a huge stock of PS5, which held true in the UK where the console has actually attained its finest week given that the start of the year. Nevertheless, this is not the case in Spain, where quotes speak of around 7,000 PS5, a typical outcome which does not even surpass Switch sales over the same week. In reality, once again, the majority of people who wanted the video game and the console had to spend more than 800 euros to add some extras in a high-end bundle, said Video game Reactor’s article.


As in the UK, God of War Ragnarök has actually signed a very effective start in Spain, we discover thanks to the figures communicated by the Video game Reactor site. On the other hand, contrary to what occurred throughout the Channel, Spain did not make the most of a substantial stock of PlayStation 5 to accompany this major getaway.