Playing Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, you can explore many new species of Pokémon, including a completely new Pokémon Titan. These Pokémon are large-scale Pokémon, which usually protect various objects, such as grass for the Path of Legends route provided by Proven. It is really difficult not to notice them because of their size, and their battle style is slightly different. They will have strips of health at the top of the screen that will be exhausted when you attack them.


After the victory, a cut-scene will appear to continue the rest of this mission. Most likely, you will again be asked to fight this titanium Pokémon with a full health scale. As soon as they are defeated, they will simply disappear. So, you are able to catch such huge Pokémon?

How to catch Pokémon Titan in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

Unfortunately, as soon as the Pokémon Titan disappears and the mission ends, you cannot catch it. Although you cannot capture them in these much larger forms, ordinary and brilliant versions are still available in Pale. You can also breed them if you want! In fact, you can check your card to find out which Pokémon is available in which parts of the world, and find them. Although they will not have the same size as the Pokémon Titans, you can still find Pokémon of different sizes and, in particular, find much larger size.

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