The whole beginning of God of War Ragnarök focuses on the God called Try. But who is exactly this God who was not seen in the previous game? We are here to explain everything you have to know about Tar in God of War Ragnarök.


Explanation of Try’s identity in God of War Ragnarök

Each ancient civilization had its own mythology and pantheon of gods. Most of the time, these were only different versions of God himself. For example, all God of War fans definitely know that the Greek god of war is Ares. For the Romans, this same God is called Mars. Try is the god of war in Nordic mythology.

In video games, Try was probably Odin’s goal due to the fact that he was a friend of the giant race, whom Odin feared for his future role in Ragnarök. Seeing that much of the first God of War and Ragnarök mention that all giants are dead, it would make sense that Try fell next to them.

The imposing strength of a war of war is not something that should be ignored, so it makes sense that Rates and Women seek Tar based on the initial information they obtain.

This is all to know about the Nordic God Try in God of War Ragnarök. If you are just starting at God of War Ragnarök, we have a useful guide on the armor that you should consider to manufacture first to get an advantage in the difficult trip ahead.

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