• Game Name: Cart rider: Drift

  • Genre: Racing

  • Service / Developer: Nixon / Nitro’s Studio

  • Yo: ‘Cart rider: Drift’, which is about to be released on January 23, prepared a demonstration of PC and mobile platform at G-Star 2022. You can enjoy both the speed before the game and the item where the winners are mixed every moment, and the single play content is also available.

Nixon’s new racing game ‘Cart rider: Drift’, which is about to be released in January 2023, has been demonstrated at G-Star 2022. In this G-Star demonstration, visitors can play the game using two platforms, PCs and mobile.

A week before the G-Star 2022 was held, Nixon’s media demonstration was able to check the game of the game first. After a long development, the Outrider: Drift, which was finally released, was felt during the previous test, but one of the bright graphics was a favorite work.

In the G-Star 2022 demonstration build, you can check the various characters, cart bodies, and customization elements in the game. The graphic characters based on Unreal Engine 4 also appear in a different appearance, and some skins provided by default also conveyed the characteristics of each character.

In addition, various carts have been provided for a variety of experiences. The figure that expresses the stats by cart is not activated, but in this demonstration version, it seems to be considerate to select the car you like by looking at the appearance of the cart only.

After choosing your favorite cart, you can customize your wheel, license plate, and boosters in detail. During the gameplay, which will depend a lot of dependence on the booster, it is equipped with the booster effect you want to make your eyes more enjoyable.


The character’s skin design, wheels, boosters, etc., can be confirmed that the rating familiar to gamers, such as advanced and rare, is marked in each color. Perhaps after the official launch, the difficulty of acquisition will vary depending on the rating, and in addition to the billing elements, most of them can be obtained through the ‘Racing Pass’, a season pass content identified in the test in September.

Emotional expressions are also available, just like decorating vehicles and characters. You can set emotional expressions according to a variety of situations, such as winning racing and defeating, if you arrive at the Finish Line, and if you retire. In terms of the name of the character in the name of the emotional expression, it is expected that each character has a separate motion.

Another noteworthy thing is that in addition to the already finished items, the player has a painting or sticker that can directly decorate the vehicle. If you approach through the ‘Bible’ tab, you can change the painting of the body at will, or attach a sticker to show off your personality.

Such painting and embellishments are generally supported by the global racing game series. For example, the Fora Horizon series, which has a powerful sticker editing, can be found on the exchange. In the case of ‘Cart rider Drift’, the character’s volume is larger than the body, but it is expected to be able to check the fun painting after the release by gamers who always find the way.

The actual gameplay that can be played in the demonstration version is divided into ‘Time Attack’, a single play content that is enjoyed by yourself, and a custom game for many.

Time Attack is literally a content that parks a certain map and competes with other users.

It will be useful when you first encounter a cart rider or adapt to a unique drift-oriented racing, and for beginners, it will play a role in practicing unfamiliar maps.

In addition, the Time Attack Mode also provides content that challenges the so-called ‘bankers’ who fasten the maps of each price. In this case, ‘ghost’ in any racing genre game is created, and it is a form of enjoying the race with the ghost of this ranker.

Of course, you don’t have to compete with the fastest earlier ranking. Before the start, one of the bankers on the screen could be pointed out, so it was also possible to challenge the ‘Ranker’, which seems to be relatively ‘relatively’.

Lastly, in the actual gameplay of ‘Cart rider Drift’, the prominent bright graphics blend with the easy operation and a satisfactory speed.

Of course, it’s usually confirmed in the last test. The clean and bright graphics have changed a lot, unlike the original, but the basic manipulation maintained the simpleness of the ‘Cart rider’ series. At the same time, when I pressed the shift at the same time, I saw the original system as much as possible.

I don’t know if the graphics felt so different, but the overall driving also felt quite soft. Like the original, this game is a structure where you can quickly fill the booster and achieve such a good performance. In fact, as far as I played, the sensation of this important drift is intuitive and soft, so it can be adapted quickly.

The contents of the confrontation with others were divided into items and speed before the original. Both modes are not much different from the original on the basics, but the biggest difference is that you enjoy the game with a soft driving sensation and graphic graphics.

In fact, ‘Cart Rider: Drift’, which demonstrates at the G-Star 2022 site, has a lot of access to the global test in September. As you can only enjoy it for a limited time at the demonstration of offline events, it’s more focused on showing core gameplay.

In this context, I would like to say that this is a fun casual game with bright graphics. If you are going to attend this G-Star with your friends or family, please enjoy the item exhibition at the Kart rider: Drift demonstration. It’s definitely a laughter flower.