Sony h opened today the PlayStation VR 2 reserves and the first platform games (with their corresponding price) have begun to appear in the PS Store. Taking into account the cost of the launch peripheral (599.99 euros) and the rise in prices that the exclusive PS5 have experienced (79.99 euros for the 69.99 to which we were used), many were curious about Know what the first great promises of technology would be located, is the ce of Horizon Call of the Mountain. And seen what is seen, we don’t know if we have good or bad news.


The dollar / euro conversion makes its own again and, although Horizon costs $59.99 in the country of bars and stars, in Spain it leaves for 69.99 euros. Strange situation that is also repeated in games such Cosmonaut high ($29.99 in the United States and 35.99 euros in Europe). In any ce, it seems that the PS VR 2 departure games will cost that, 69.99 euros in the ce of triple A, oscillating the rest between 29.99 and 39.99 euros. With many, the hardness of the initial disbursement h been taken into account and that in their respective ces we speak only of ports or editions of games already seen previously on other virtual reality platforms.

The sample is still small, because Sony h promised more than 20 games for the launch of PlayStation VR 2 and for the moment we have a dozen, not to mention that the company announced just over 11 new games for PS VR 2 of a cup, so to know the surprises that are still saved under the sleeve. One way or another, this is the current sample:

  • Cities: VR-ENHANCED EDITION-29.99 euros
  • Cosmonaut high-35.99 euros
  • Demeo-39.99 euros
  • Hello Neighbor: Search and rescue-29.99 euros
  • Horizon Call of the Mountain-69.99 euros
  • Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge-Enhanced Edition-49.99 euros
  • Tentacular-24.99 euros
  • The Light Brigade-24.99 euros
  • The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners-Chapter 2: Remote-39.99 euros