-Probation from Pearl Abyss House Home One to offline

-I can apply for participation through the official forum until 10:00 on November 21st

-‘ Championship Season 2 Recruitment until November 15th

Pearl Abyss will hold the Cal peon Banquet, the user event of Black Desert Mobile on December 10.

The Cal peon Banquet is the second offline event this year following the ‘Handel Banquet’ in July. It will be held at ‘Home Won’t, a new building in Pearl Abyss, and all users who play Black Desert Mobile can apply for participation through the official forum by 10:00 on November 21. The event is also scheduled for events, so you can visit online through the official YouTube channel.

Participants in the Black desert mobile championship Season 2 will also be recruited until November 15. The recruitment divisions are ▲ Ramon Championship ▲ Karma SHOWDOWN. The first game starts on November 20, and the finals will be held on December 4th. The finals of each tournament are broadcast live through the Black Desert Mobile YouTube channel.

Depending on the ranking rankings, special costumes and appearance decorations, titles, black pearls, and pets are paid as an injury. If both competitions achieve the first place, you can receive the 6th generation of iPad Mini with the title ‘Invincible’.

For more information about the Black Desert Mobile, Cal peon Banquet and Championships can be found in official forum .