Sonic The Hedgehog , the famous pet of SEGA and one of the most iconic and influential characters in the video game industry, is the protagonist of the new editorial work of paper heroes. Thus, the book entitled Beyond the blue wake , written by Moises Onto Márquez and Miguel Solís , reviews the story of the character created by Yuri NA, NATO Shiva and Heroku Sahara through of two volumes, one of dedicated to its most clsic stage called beyond the blue wake: the 2D and another on its most modern stage, to this day, under the title beyond the blue wake : The 3D era .

New Sonic Book of paper heroes: open reservations

Sonic w born to run, triumph and shine in the Olympus of video games . Sega, who dreamed of the perfect pet, found the ideal hero that he introduced his audience into a new and revolutionary universe where speed, platforms and rings soon became the identity seal of the brand and Blue hedgehog saga, they explain from the Editorial Paper Heroes.

Thus, and thanks to the two editions of beyond the blue wake , both the Fans of the SEGA pet and those who want to discover the story of such a fcinating character and their own universe, can know all the details of The creation of Sonic, its different video games and how it h become an entire icon of the industry , in addition to rescuing the most interesting canceled projects of the blue hedgehog, first-level sound bands, new and charismatic protagonists, the Sega challenges in the new 3D era and endless more events, adds those responsible.

Beyond the blue wake: the 2D era will be on sale in bookstores and large surfaces on the next February 9, 2023 , although it can already be reserved through the official website of heroes of Paper a mark and an exclusive sheet. In addition, Sonic’s most staunch fans can opt for the special edition of the book for sale exclusively in with the following contents:

  • Beyond the blue wake: the 2D era
  • Marcapagin
  • Two plates
  • Numbered certificate
  • Exclusive design box with golden stamping to save the two volumes
  • Poster

On the other hand, beyond the blue wake: the 3D era , will be put on sale on the next April 20, 2023 , also available for reserve in