Our active gaming media publishing brand PLAY ISM announced the Nintendo Switch version with a new element added to 7 Days to End With You by personal developer Wizardry. It was announced this winter (the first quarter of 2023).

7 days to end with you is a novel adventure game spelled out with unknown words. The protagonist of this work is a person with memory loss. When the protagonist returned to me, he was lying on the bed. A strange woman in front of me. She realizes that the hero wakes up and talks about something. However, the protagonist cannot understand her words and has no idea what he is saying. And it is the same from the player’s perspective. The text message that spells her remarks is written in fictional characters. The 7 days of the hero who lost his memory and words and a mysterious woman are depicted.

In this work, as an observer, the player reads the world from the protagonist’s point of view, who can no longer understand the words. The protagonist has lost his memory and cannot understand the words spoken by a mysterious redhead woman. On the other hand, thinking is clear and the name of the general thing is known. I can’t understand local words and information on the worldview. Players will read the story while inserting the meaning of the words of women.

Even if it is an unknown word, the same word should be used in a similar sense, so it is necessary to read the story while determining the meaning in the puzzle. The player has a list of words written in a mysterious language and can be written. If you write the meaning of the player, it will be displayed on the corresponding word. By guessing the meaning of the word and assigning the appropriate meaning to each, the player can understand the language spoken by the red-haired woman and the spelled story. However, as is the case, the story of this work is not always determined. The content and ending of the story change according to the interpretation of the words found by the player.

In this work, Google Play/App Store version was released in January this year, and the Steam version was released in February. At Steam, about 600 user reviews were received at the time of this writing, and 93 % of them are popular. It has acquired the status of very popular.

[Update 2022/11/10 14:30]
Adjust the description of the release timing of the Steam version and Google Play/App Store version

In this transplant to Nintendo Switch, a new ending has been added. Gallery mode will be added as a new element after clearing.

7 Days to End With You will be distributed this winter (the first quarter of 2023) for Nintendo Switch.