Approximately half of the game, Women is sent to the mythical hiding place of the giants, known as Ironwood. Here, he meets a strange girl who is responsible for painting the prophecies that he and Rates find throughout the game. To paint them, you need miserable nests located in the ID SUMMER . Here is how to find them all.

How to find Sinkhole Wretch’s nests from ID in God of War Ragnarök? Answered

When you go to the hole, there is only one area you can go to find these nests. Once you are inside, follow these simple steps to find and destroy all the Wretch Nests.

Nest of miserable# 1

The first is right in front of you when you enter. It is almost impossible to overlook this, since it is directly in your line of vision when ales and anybody enter the caverns. Destruct it and open the rest of the cave.

Nest of miserable# 2

After destroying the first, go right to the right of the bright reddish orange coral and lower the left path. Then you will reach another nest at the end of this area, located above the wall. Destroy the nest and defeat the enemies, then turn around.

Nest of miserable# 3

Return along the way and go where you entered. When the reddish orange coral is on your right, walk slightly to the left and climb a slightly elevated road. Go to the right in bifurcation and continue up.

Before going to the end of the road, approximately halfway, look to the right and there will be a small lump of land on which you can jump that takes you to the elevated area that houses the last two nests.


Go forward and the left of the chest and destroy the nest here. You will have to destroy some enemies when you reach the high area, and you must also shoot a green energy arrow to the barriers, so you can go up and down more easily.

Nest of miserable# 4

Get down and cross the bridge slightly to the left. This last nest is obstructed, so it must advance more along the way and shoot an energy arrow (green) to the barrier. Return to the area that was blocked and see left to destroy the last nest.

With the last destroyed nest, now you can leave the cave and the wells with Anybody. That is all you need to know about How to find the Sinkhole Wretch’s nests of ID in God of War Ragnarök.

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