Moue guaranteed on Tuesday afternoon (8) the classification for IEM Rio Major 2022 playoffs, the first CS: GO World Cup in azil. A highlight of the European Organization’s victory over ENTER, Moue Captain Christopher Dexter Long did not hide the euphoria after the classification of his team to Champions Stage, but highlighted the humility as one of the team’s key points to eak down favorites and replace Moue in playoffs after more than 4 years absent from the world top 8.

In an interview with MGG azil after the triumph of ENE, Entry agger Australian praised the team’s perseverance since Challengers Stage, talked about the good chemistry among players and said that Moue is able to continue to surprise in the fight for the first title of title Major of the organization in the history of CS: GO.

I think our humility is the key to our good performance in this major and over the past few months. We have not won a big title, but we arrived at IEM COLOGNE and Last Pro League playoffs. We made a very good Challengers Stage, we passed Under the Legends Stage, and now in Legends we won Liquid, Vitality and ENE to get to the playoffs. Our way so far was not easy, but we show our strength today, he said.

At 28, Dexter will play for the first time in his career a playoff of Major, and is just the fifth Australian player in the whole history to achieve this. Born in a country with much less tradition in the CS than the largest powers in Europe, azil and the United States, the Moue rifler recalled Renegades’ historical campaigns at In Katowice Major 2019 and Star ladder Berlin Major 2019.

That season, the Australian team Air, JCS, Jazz and Satisfaction reached the top 8 of the Major played in Poland and was semifinalist in the World Cup in the capital of Germany. At the time, the quartet acted alongside Norwegian Jake, and Dexter celeates the fact that today he is part of the select group of country players who reached the final phase of a major.

That Renegades lineup made history to CS: GO Australian, and shortly after the players were hired by 100 Thieves, I left Greyhound to Renegades. My dream was always to play a major playoff, and finally get it after So many years fighting must be very celeated, he says.

It’s especially important when you’re not part of a country with huge CS tradition, and I’m just very happy. But I don’t want to stop here, because I know our team can go further. It’s a difficult mission, but we want the title.

Curia is one of the great favorites

In evaluating the main favorites to the title, Dexter city Curia, Cloud9 and Navy as the three main candidates for the IEM Rio Major trophy. For the Australian player, the panthers are playing better than ever and still have full support from the fans, who in the opinion of Entry agger has made a difference in Major.

Curia has always been very strong, but is playing better than ever in this major. I’m sure the support of the fans have made a difference and makes them even stronger. Curia is definitely one of the great favorites, next to Cloud9, who is also playing very well, and Navy, who can raise his level at any moment and beat every1. If we want to be champions, I think we will have to go through at least 1 or 2 of these playoffs.

At the end of the interview, Dexter also stressed that the presence of audiences over the 12 days of Rio’s major games ought a unique, special atmosphere and that can be replicated in other majors.

I think this should be a new pattern for the Majors. It’s great to have the audience presence every day, and the crowd here has been absolutely insane. We have played green and yellow and even won some fans here. Such a number, but who knows no more support in playoffs? We just can’t get the fury, because everyone will be against us, naturally, he joked.