During the weekend the Stranger Things Day was carried out, where new information about the future of property was given. It is so that the name of the first chapter of the fifth season of the series was shared here.

According to Netflix, the first chapter of the fifth and final season of stranger Things will be named The Crawl , which was written by the Duffer brothers, the creators of the acclaimed show.

Unfortunately, for the moment there is no more information about the fifth season. There is no release date, or something like that. Next to this, The name of The Crawl does not reveal much about which we will see once Mike, Eleven and company return to the small screen.

We can only wait for Netflix to share more information about the fifth and final season of _stranger Things. In related issues, actor of the series adds to the Gran Tourism film. Similarly, Maya Hawking wants her character to die in the series.

Editor’s note:

More than anything, I am excited that it is finally possible to say goodbye to the stranger Things characters. While the universe will continue to expand, the story of Mike and company will come to an end, and I hope it is in a way that manages to be satisfactory.