Given his status as the first incursion of Sonic in the open world games, the duration of Sonic Frontiers is something that many people were not sure before new information was available. This is especially true since Sonic games have traditionally been shorter, so How long does Sonic Frontiers last? ?

Duration of the Sonic Frontiers game

When it comes to game time, an average game of Sonic Frontiers will last between 20 and 30 hours, while a finalist game will last between 40 and 50 hours . If someone expected to accelerate the game as quickly as possible, it is most likely to take 10 hours or less reach the credits.

In this case, an average game includes all the content of the main story with a good dose of secondary content, while a complex game represents a player who will do everything possible to win all the collectibles and complete all the Optional missions.

Our first Frontiers game stood perfectly between the two fasteners of the average game in approximately 25 hours, and we have spent a lot of time returning to grab everything we lost on the road.

And that is how long Sonic forces can last for three different styles of games . If you are interested in the duration of the game in terms of content and the amount of levels, you can learn it in our guide that is here. In addition, you can learn to travel quickly through the open world areas.

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