In Bayonet ta 3, you can own weapons filled with hellish demon. These demons help you a lot in your battles. Both main and secret weapons are available, but in this leadership we will only consider a secret weapon that you can unlock in Bayonet ta 3.


How to unlock all secret weapons in Bayonet ta 3


Arena is a cult weapon from Bayonet ta 2, containing the captured energy of the hellish demon. Arjuna .

To unlock it, you must collect all Umbra’s tears of blood in Chapter 3.


This is just a standard weapon used by all people. Bayonet ta cannot use this weapon with bullets, so she should use it carefully.

You can get this weapon after passing the game at any level of complexity.


Cassiopeia is one of the slowest weapons in Bayonet ta 3. Nevertheless, its slow speed of attack still inflicts serious damage to the enemies of the near-battle.

Waving weapons as an armature will allow you to hit enemies at a great distance, but the enemies will not suffer at an average distance.

Cassiopeia can also be used as a crossbow for shooting with bolts that explode when hit.

In Cassiopeia, hellish demon lives Kraken . The use of Demon Masquerade will allow you to turn into a water alien creature with four tentacles that will help you slide through the air or swim underground for more mobility.

After you are completing the game, a bonus chapter will open. You will need to complete this chapter in order to unlock Cassiopeia in Bayonet ta 3.

Fair in Scarborough and Blue Love

These two weapons are returning from previous games. To unlock the Scarborough Fair and Love Is Blue, you need to have data saving Bayonet ta’s previous games on Nintendo Switch.

You still have to buy them at Treasures Rodin for 16 999 seeds. Both of these weapons have a hellish demon Madame Butterfly instructs them.

Sometimes players consider them the same weapon, but they are completely different with different sets of techniques and trees of skills.


This weapon is a combination of various weapons, and a set of weapons changes as the combination changes. But getting this weapon is a problem.

You must purchase platinum ticket and defeat the secret boss of the devil Rodin to get the hellish demon and the secret weapon of Rodin. If you cannot defeat the boss, you can visit Rodin’s store to buy it by spending 9999999 seeds. But this is too high, so the victory over the secret boss is the best option.