The installation of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II can become a long and tedious process for many users, especially if you have a humble Internet connection. Until the moment of writing this guide, it has three game modes: multiplayer, campaign and special operations. Soon, War zone 2 and DMZ will be added.

In view of the enormous amount of gigs that your PC and console will have to manage, I tell you how to install and uninstall the content of the game.

Install and uninstall Modern Warfare II content

Install Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Has cloth, especially if you are on a console. In PC, you can directly select which content to install via launcher . However, in a console it is much more straight, especially if you have acquired the digital version.

First you have to install the disc content or the base game, which has been a menu with steroids. When you start it, you must start downloading the content: the multiplayer mode is mandatory installation. All game modes, including campaign and special operations, are included. Why? Only Activision knows.

You must select the campaign and special operations and install two content packs for each mode to play them. But imagine that you have already played them, and you have achieved all the reward content (XP sheets, operators and more) and that you now want to uninstall it to play the multiplayer. Remember that War zone 2 is on the way, and you have to do hole.

Uninstall the campaign and cooperative on PS5

To uninstall the campaign and the Modern Warfare II cooperative from PS4 and PS5 you must completely close the game and follow the following steps:

  1. Select Modern Warfare II in the main menu.
  2. Press the options button/start of the control.
  3. Select the option Manage the content of the game.

  1. Select the content packs you want to uninstall.


Uninstall the campaign and cooperative in Xbox

This process is similar to that of PS5, so you should not have problems:

  1. Go to your games/applications page.
  2. Select Modern Warfare II.
  3. Press Start.
  4. Manage game and accessories> campaign> uninstall.

Uninstall the campaign and cooperative on PC

PC users have a huge cocoa. If you have the game in Steam , then the lottery has touched you because it is very easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Access your game library.
  2. Look for Modern Warfare II.
  3. Right click on Modern Warfare II.
  4. Select Properties and manages the content you want to delete.

If you are a user of , let me tell you that you are a little… annoyed, not to say a stronger word. At the time of writing this guide, the launcher considers that the installation of the campaign is mandatory . Why? Easy. It is included in the same block as the multiplayer. Why? Once again, only Activision knows. The COOP (special operations) and War zone 2 are optional.