The best player in the history of League of Legends was again, at least for a few hours, the most form of the moment. Faker was the protagonist in the victory of T1 against JD Gaming that led to both the club and the Fifth World Final. Spectacular collective performance of the entire team that did not eclipse a Mid Later who put the lanes’ boots again to try to get the club forward from his life. He did it and in what way, playing throughout the four games that the series lasted those who are the three most emblematic characters of his career and getting some spectacular plays.

Faker returns to its best version in the Worlds semifinals

Faker opened the series with Gallo , a character with whom he showed the best individual level of his career in the 2017 World Cups, and closed it with Air , champion who has played more times in his professional stage. However, when it shone more, it was when he could get the Rye selection. With what is his bad hero was brilliant from a strategic point of view, raising an impossible play in the second map of the series and achieving an individual action for the memory that left us flavor to the best years of the player. He was unpolluted at the mechanical level and, in addition, luck was put on his part.

Particularly prominent was the moment that the player starred in the third map of the series. After having achieved some advantage in the first minutes, it was the difficult task of facing a Benetton who had accumulated almost all the resources of the rival team and that had already ended the barely three minutes before. However, the player planted face to the basic norm of League of Legends that he advises will not fight again with an enemy who has just painted his face. Something that did successfully and with quality, launching a crucial flash that ensures a clean decline.

If the flash had not used, it is likely that a new instance of damage to the crocodile (Do minus) of the crocodile could have been activated. However, what was a good play worthy of the semifinals of a World League of Legends, becomes pure fantasy in the later moments. The Bot Lane enemy is going to look for him to balance the balance, and Faker starts playing with the war fog to be able to escape safely. Thus, he flees to the bush, launches the R (kingdom distortion) and leaves as if nothing had happened.

Even if Missing (Lulu) does not atone to correctly place the vision sentry, the truth is that little would have imported by then. Without flashing Aphelia would not have come to paralyze Faker to prevent the ability from executing, Support no longer had skills to prevent movement and also no damage to end him. The player made it great, which even caused Rye’s ban on the final map of the series. As it sounds: A Rye ban in Plenosworlds 2022 , where he had barely selected once.

Although the victory was not necessarily caused by this play, the truth is that Faker was imperial throughout the entire series . He had to share prominence with a Bot Lane that is becoming the great sensation of this T1. However, and although neither the player nor the club will be very concerned about this somewhat more secondary and supporting role that Mid Lauder has taken in recent months, he knows the seeing him to give us that League of Legends something more spectacular that has always characterized him.