One more day, we continue to deepen Marvel Snap, the new title of PC and mobile letters to which everyone plays. Quick and fun games in which we must conquer the battlefield in the Marvel Universe, where there is no lack of superheroes and villains such Iron Man, Wolverine and Venom, among others. And to enjoy it to the fullest, we tell you How to get many new letters with hardly any effort .

How to get more cards in Marvel Snap eily

Although there are many users who are not completely clear what is the best way to achieve it, it is likely that most are doing it without realizing it. The key is the collection level, indicated in a green numerical value (you can consult it in your profile). you upload levels, you will see that among the following rewards there is a series of mysterious letters with an interrogation symbol and a lock; They are new letters that you are going to unlock soon.

Every 2 collection levels you get an award, and every 4, a letter. How to raise the collection level? The best and fter way to do it is to improve letters that you already have , since some provide many collection points bed on their rarity. Good advice is to devote for a while to play with mallets formed by cards that you do not use often, since improving them will be fter than doing it with others you usually trust. Next we offer you the list of oddities and the collection points that you get with each cent.

  • Unfredent-1 collection point
  • RARE-2 Collection Points
  • Epic-4 collection points
  • Legendary-4 collection points

Ultra-8 Collection points
Infinite-10 collection points

We remind you that Marvel Snap is totally free (contains optional purches within the application) and is available on PC, Android and iOS. In this link you have all the information and the steps to follow to download it.