gravity announced on the 20th that he updated three new book series on the PC MMORPG Ragnarök Online.

The Fantasy NBA 2K23 experience series is an experiential book series published in cooperation with the Green Magic Society and Royal Library. Each book consists of a variety of episodes, providing a feeling that users actually experience.

The third series of fantasy experience, the third series of the fantasy experience, is ‘Me and Me’, which deals with the desire to become strong in three works, ‘I alone academy pure blood Man’, which contains a part of the secret operation of Elite Revelion, and the face of the criteria school. It is a guideline for workers.

All three works can be performed from the base level 100 or higher, and you can experience each fantasy experience through VR-BOOK, located in the library of the Frontera East.

If you read the work, you can earn one fantasy book bookmark and one fantasy commemorative card.

The fantasy book bookmarks can be used for dedicated buffs, crossing the order.

Gravity will hold a clear event of the fantasy experience before the inspection on November 19 to the inspection on November 19.

If you first clear the fantasy experience series, you can get a collection of fantasy books that contain all the collections of the characters. In addition, when clearing the entire series during the same period, three collection boxes, experience and item drop rate increase buff items will be presented.

In addition, there will be a new repeated clear event where you can receive various rewards for 10, 20, and 30 repeatedly clearing the fantasy experience series 3.