Children are currently an uncomfortable event in The Sims 4, which for years has been a splinter in the side of players. EA, it seems, is ready to improve this aspect of the gameplay with update at the beginning of 2023. Recycled babies are already on the way!

Will The Sims 4 improve babies?


On October 18, 2022, a live broadcast called Behind the Sims Summit was held on the Sims channel on YouTube. In this presentation, Sims teased several future additions for The Sims 4. At the very end of the direct broadcast, the game process of the child crawling on the floor was shown. Attentive observers, perhaps, also noticed the part much earlier in the stream, when they showed a concept art for new worlds. A child was attached to the back of a woman in the park.

After these two details from the Behind The Sims summit, many can confidently assume that the update will appear in the future. And they would be right, because EA officially confirmed this detail on the blog of her official site. The blog confirms that processed babies will be added to The Sims 4 soon.

when will the children’s update be released for The Sims 4?

Thanks to the blog message in the News section on The Sims 4 website, we can be calm, knowing that the update for processed babies can’t do around the corner. EA confirmed that children’s update for The Sims 4 will be released somewhere in the beginning of 2023. . We do not know the exact day or a month when this update is released, but now we know that this is just a question of several months before the update is released for smears around the world.

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