Certainly, followers of the very first hour wonder if the historical developers of the franchise will certainly resume service. Unless shocked, author Akira Yamaha ought to be part of the adventure, especially considering that he shared the news on Instagram. We recall that it is to him that we owe the B.O. of The Medium. Same point for the artistic director Mahavira Ito-who goes to the beginning of the creatures seen in the initial three Silent Hill: he retweeted the announcement, which recommends that he might additionally be included. Because the passage noises additionally report a new episode in gestation in Japan, no need to inform you that the area is boiling. We will certainly soon be taken care of.


Without warning, INAMI divided a tweet last evening to formalize the return of Silent Hill that has remained to be the topic of relentless reports for numerous months. Arranged for Wednesday, October 19 at 11 p.m. (in 2 days), the event needs to probably lift the shroud on different games currently in advancement, as we had left to us in sneak peek the French supervisor Christophe Fans there are now some months. According to the current rumors, Blooper Team (Blair Witch, The Tool) was asked for a remake of Silent Hill 2, while Annapurna Interactive is at job on an episodic Silent.