-63 ‘Nike’ estimates to select ‘Nike’ who wants to sort together

-The TOP10 announcement of the TOP 10 every evening, the final championship ‘Nike’ special fan service notice

-In pre-reservation voting SNS sharing event, various gifts such as the latest mobile devices

Level Infinite announced today that it will hold a popular voting event in the beautiful girl’s healthy shooting action for the world’s recapture of the world.

The popular voting event will be held on the official pre-booking site, and you can participate by selecting ‘Nike’ that you want to sort out of 63 ‘Nike’. During the voting period, the Top 10 Top 10, which recorded the top votes at 8:00 pm every evening, will be announced, and the first place of honor will be announced later.

In particular, it is expected to cheer for users ‘favorite’ Nike ‘as special fan services such as’ Nike ‘and special fans’ sets such as ‘Nike’ and special goods sets are heralded.

In addition, you can participate by holding a pre-booking SNS sharing event, sharing the results of the voting results on the SNS and certifying them in the official lounge.

Through the lottery, a total of 5 million won worth of gifts will be given, including Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Tab S8, and Google Play Gift Card 50,000 won.

Meanwhile, , which is scheduled to be released on November 4th, is a one-handed one-gun shooting game where the commander’s protagonist is full of personality and humanity. I am getting high expectations.


At the same time, the official YouTube unveiled a new PV that allows you to see the fun of the game at a glance, such as illustrations, easy controls, and tense bosses.

More details can be found in the official site .