Every beginning of Ultimate Team No FIFA requires humble investments if you don’t even spend a penny in FIFA Points. In this guide, we will show some good players who cost a maximum of 2,000 coins in FIFA 23.

We also made a guide with teams that are no more than 10,000 coins. When your coins give the opportunity, put some letters of this article instead of the weakest of the teams and your club will start to take shape even without spending real money.

Daniel James-700 Coins


After costing around 2,000 coins at the beginning of FIFA 23, Daniel James has already fallen practically to the lowest cost of a rare gold letter. With 96 acceleration and 95 speed , it is a rocket to use on the sides of the field.

That’s right, on both sides, as James can play half right or left half. The Fulham player from Premier League also plays right-wing or center forward. James is 3/4 (3 stars of dribbling and 4 bad leg).

Georges-Kevin Nkourou-850 Coins

KUDOS , Besides’s French Far French has some of the same qualities as James, except for versatility. The letter acts only on the left side in the initial formation (either half or tip).

After costing 4,000 coins at the beginning of the game, Kudos can already be found around 850 Coins. A good value for money if you are interested in setting up a team with French players.

Luis Sinisterra-900 Coins

Sinister , which has just arrived at the Premier League from the Netherlands, will probably cause damage this season. The Leeds player is very fast, as well as the two players mentioned earlier.

His difference is to be 4 stars of dribble and also bad leg . The Colombian letter hit more than 3,000 coins in the first week of FIFA, but today is no more than a thousand coins.

Junta Ito-700 Coins

Reims’s Japanese tip is also a 4/4 and fast player. Costing only 700 coins, it is a great value for money for French League teams. Another option, if you can’t join this letter in the starting lineup, ITO may be useful for coming from the bank in the second half of the games.

Canales-1900 Coins

Canals is one of FIFA’s most versatile cheap cards, so much so that its price has not plummeted, as it is common. Of course being Overall 84 helps in this more stable pricing, but Bets’s midfielder is good.

The Spaniard can play on both sides of the midfield and even half central. Both in theory and practice, since the letter has good attributes in all categories. To top it off, Canals has 4 stars of skill. Just missing 4 bad leg to be a perfect letter from Align.

Sergi Darder-1000 Coins

Sergi Darker sees his speed to increase each season at FIFA, and this time he is 82. He can be a midfielder, central or defensive. Although he does not have a big strong point, the Spanish letter is good in all attributes. It is only due to be 3/3, but for a thousand coins it’s okay too much.

Piotr Zielinski-1000 Coins

Ideal for playing half-central or half-loan, Sierpinski has a very good letter for those who only cost a thousand coins. The Naomi player comes with 4 stars dribbling and 5 bad stars bad legs. It only owes in physical and a little at speed, but the qualities stand out.

Carlos Soler-900 Coins

Carlos Solar was one of the last transfers to PSG in the last window and did not cause much fuss. This hiring without hype ended up resulting in a great letter that can go unnoticed by many people.

At the cost of only 900 coins, you can get a full midfield that has no great weakness to play MC/ME. In addition to joining well with the French league and Spanish players, toast, Solar has 4* bad leg.

Pierre Kalulu-700 Coins

Finding fast defenders at the beginning of FIFA is always a difficult task. The versatility of also playing from the side, ended up giving 80 rhythm to Kabul . All this for only 700 coins. The Frenchman who plays in Serie A hit 3,000 cost in the first week of the game.

Evan NDICKA-700 Coins

We closed this list of 10 players with Evan Indica , Frankfurt’s French defender is very similar to Kabul and both can form a good pair of defenders.

Bundesliga’s back is 1.92 m tall and works well as a game builder because of the good pass statistics. But be aware of the workmate , since NICK is high/medium (high for attack and average for defense)