Fashion for faults are incredibly unique mods that have many mechanics that greatly distinguish them from your usual mods. Here is a breakdown in Riven mods and how to use them in Warframe.

What is a fault mod?

Riven mods are mods that contain randomly generated characteristics for accidentally chosen weapons. Because of this, there are no two identical mods of fault, even if they are intended for the same weapon. Unlike ordinary mods, when you get one, it comes with veiled attached to them, as well as a unique challenge given to you in the text of the fragrance of the fashion. Riven fashion tasks can vary from simplified to extremely annoying, but even in order to try to do it, the Veiled mod should be equipped with a type of weapon indicated in its text. Equipping the modification of veiled Riven will not occupy the capacity of modes and not will have any negative or positive effects on your weapon. It cannot be improved, and it occupies a separate Riven slot.

The execution of the task identifies the Riven mod, revealing its exact characteristics and the weapon for which it is intended. Equipment in this state is occupied by the mobility of the mod and provides the listed bonuses and negative effects.

location of weapons

When you reveal the Riven mod, although the characteristics are random, the location of the weapon also affects them. Think about the location of weapons as a quality rank for statistics of fault modes. There are five quality ranks for the disposition:

weak *-the weakest character. Riven Mod characteristics are highly limited attributes
below the average -weak disposition. Riven mod characteristics provide attributes below the average
neutral -Average location. Riven mod characteristics provide average characteristics
above the average *-strong disposition. Riven mod characteristics provide attributes above average.
Strong *-the strongest mood. Riven characteristics ranges provide the best characteristics

The location of the weapon is determined by the coefficient of use. If the weapon is very popular or new, then, for example, its condition will most likely be weak. Please note that the dispositions can change every three months.

Bicycle Fashion Fracture

If you do not like the characteristics that you received after the opening of the fault, you can change it with the function of the cycle on board your orbiter. The fault fashion cycle affects the number of attributes and the overall spread of the characteristics of the mod. It does no in any way change the designation of the weapon, the rank of modification or polarity. Since this does not affect the disposition of the weapon, the possible range of characteristics also does not change.

The fashion cycle costs Suva, the resource received from Suva Siphon mission and performing bounty . Please note that re-cycling of the mod increases the cost of the process in Suva until it is limited to 3,500 Suva.

transformation of fault modes

If you have too many faults of fault, and you want to get rid of some, you can donate four Riven modifications to breathe life into the new veiled riven using Riven converter. The fault converter can be obtained by defeating the Eidolon of the Hydrosis, walking along the plain of Eidolon at night.

The transformation of four faults of one type will lead to the creation of a hidden fault of the same type of weapon. Something you need to keep in mind.

How to get a fault mod

There are several ways to get a fault mod. Most often they were obtained through combat sorties , complex daily missions that must be performed sequentially. They are usually difficult, so be sure to enter them prepared. Palladio , NPC from Iron Wake, can turn 10 units twice a week. Freeze silver into veiled fault mods. Other less common acquisition methods include:

Night wave * Awards
Tactical warnings
Gift from Lotus Alerts
* Daily Dani


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