Mahavira Samurai, a game creator known for Super Smash Brothers and Kirby of the Stars. In the YouTube channel How to make a game by Mahavira Samurai opened by Samurai, he talked about his work efficiency and the secrets of his youth .

The YouTube channel How to make a game by Mahavira Samurai posted a video for the purpose of slightly raising the fun of games around the world. Because it is talked about various categories such as planning / game setting and work posture, it is a content that anyone can enjoy as well as game creators.

In the video posted on October 12, 2022, Samurai’s exercise method was released. Mr. Samurai, who is busy because of a number of projects, cuts out the game while rowing an aero bike, saying, It takes time to play games! To be honest! I revealed that there was **.

By doing so, spicy exercise can be relatively fun. In the photo released in the video, you can see the controller and keyboard on the aero bike. Sometimes they row for nearly two hours.

On the other hand, viewers say ** Sakurai-san’s secret of rejuvenation… Is it an efficiency demon? Many fans were surprised by playing games while exercising, not only to secure time even for busy days, but also to store basic physical strength for development.

Mr. Samurai explained in the video that I hate exercise… that exercising increases work efficiency. He introduced the recommended variable dumbbells, and said that there was a time when he had returned home about 500 stairs to his apartment to eliminate his lack of exercise in Corona. 。

Samurai, who had a Stoic attitude toward the game development in other videos. In this video, you may have had a glimpse of the Stoic that performs multitasking in your private life.