The Genshin Impact Creator program is a competition in which all its participants should be rewarded. Players can broadcast their game over a certain period of time to get a chance to win cash prizes and Prisoners, as well as reward their audience Twitch Drops. For registration, Twitch, UID Genshin Impact and the method of streaming the gameplay are required. This is all that players need to know about the Genshin Impact Creator program, what they need and how to start.

Registration in the Genshin Impact Creator program

Players can start registering in the Creator program by visiting this article on the Loyola website. The beginning of the registration period September 23 in 19: 00 Pacific time and ends September 30 in 15: 00 Pacific time . Players can broadcast the game immediately after update drops from September 28 K October 18 in 4 : 59 PM Pacific standard time . For registration, players will need the following criteria:

Twitch account *-Only Twitch flows will be taken into account in the program for the authors, and the time spent in streaming mode will calculate the rewards that the players will receive.
Link to the Hoovers account-players must link to the site their email. Address in the Hoovers account to get your awards.
Acting UID -When registering, players will need their UID which is in the lower right corner of their game if they do not want to use their account Holdovers.
Tie their Twitch * account-players will have to Link to the site their Twitch accounts using Holdovers/Genshin Impact to simplify the calculations.
Install their game category *-you need to set the category of the game on Twitch in the Creator Dashboard panel, as this is the main way to perform calculations. The longer you are in the category, the more rewards will be received.

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Genshin Impact Creator Program awards

There are both viewers and Streamer awards for this event so that both can take advantage of the program. Twitch Drops rewarded for Viewing time in a row flow.

Twitch Drop

watch 15 minutes *-20,000 Morey
watch 30 minutes *-four consecrating bare

watch 60 minutes -five mystical improvement ores
Watch 90 minutes *-The wit of three heroes
Watch 120 minutes *-50 SMOKERS

awards for broadcasting

six hours *-200 Synonyms
nine hours -250 Smog ems
12 Clock -350 Schemes
Three hours in one week *-50 Schemes
Three hours for two weeks -100 solutions
Three hours for three weeks -150 Schemes


The best rewards for the Genshin Impact Creator program

During the event, the grandiose cash prizes and many Prisoners will be given to players C The highest average number of simultaneous spectators , The largest number of views on the air and the largest number of viewing hours **.

Average number of simultaneous spectators

TOP 1 *-5,000 Bohemia and $20,000
TOP 2 -5,000 Limoges and $15,000
TOP 3 -5,000 Limoges and 10,000 US dollars
TOP 4 *-5,000 Limoges and $8,000
TOP-5 -5000 SMOKERS and 5000 US dollars
TOP 6-10 -3200 SCHEMES AND 1,500 US dollars
TOP 21-50 *-1600 SCHEMES and $ $1,000 1,000
TOP 51-100 -1,200 SMOKERS and 500 US dollars
TOP 101-200 -800 Limoges
* TOP 201-500 -600 SMOKERS

Awards for the best number of views in real time

TOP 1-5 *-4000 Bohemia and $1,000
TOP 6-30 -2400 MODEMS AND 800 US dollars
TOP 31-60 -1,200 SCHEMES and 500 US dollars
* TOP 61-100 -800 SMOKERS

Awards for the largest number of viewing hours

TOP 1-5 *-4000 Bohemia and $1,000
TOP 6-30 -2400 MODEMS AND 800 US dollars
TOP 31-60 -1,200 SCHEMES and 500 US dollars

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