The darkness awaits crouched in search of the right moment to emerge. Galleries knows it and h done everything in his hand to warn his partners and the rest of the Middle-earth. In the middle of the second age, the series The Lord of the Rings: the power rings begin to sketch The truth about the evil that looms over the world. It h been in episode 6 (Dun) when one h uncovered one of the great secrets of Amazon production. We notice that spoilers are coming, so if you have not seen the episode we recommend you do not continue reading.

A pregnant area of nature, a town inhabited by Aliens and a background volcano. Everything begins with the onslaught of the orc hosts of the dark elf Adar, that advance against the villagers to blood and fire . The bloody battle predicted a little flattering end for the villains, but Galleries and their numbers arrive at the most need.

The volcano wakes up

Sauron’s dark artifact falls to the enemy. It is a kind of key that opens something similar to the doors of hell. Once activated, the Vomit Fuel volcano, the Earth cracks and the lava begins to cover the entire territory. It is the birth of Mordor, The dark kingdom that governs Sauron from his burning throne.

In an interview with variety, director Charlotte Angstrom h reflected on the process of creating Mordor. I thought it w the dream of any director. The pressure w to try to succeed and do my best . The filmmaker points out that they had to work hard and mix special effects with the performance of the specialists.

Angstrom studied natural phenomena to recreate h and smoke that leave the Mount of Destiny. ** I have investigated all the volcanic eruptions that you can think.

The Lord of the Rings: The power rings are available on Amazon Prime Video.