[ Moon Byung-soo reporter] Brampton (CEO Kim Changchun) is independence studio, Union Walls, launched’ Moon breaker ‘on the 30th as a global game distribution platform steam on the 30th.

Moon breaker is a turn-based strategy table-top tactical game developed by the developer Nun Walls of the submarine exploration adventure game ‘Subnautica’ series. It combines more than 50 different units and battleship support skills to organize troops and have fun to win the battle with the opponent’s troops with strategic judgment every turn.

The game has been digitally implemented by the real miniature game, allowing you to feel the emotion of the analog board game, adding to the fun of seeing the Neutro-style artwork in the 80s and 90s. The company explains that the turn-based combat and various contents that can be easily learned can be enjoyed by board game enthusiasts as well as those who are not familiar with board games.

The Moon breaker allows the player to show off his taste through a deep customization system. You can paint miniatures with various painting tools including brushes and sprays to create your own unit. You can collect various decorations to decorate miniatures and add units, and use the limited edition decorations that are provided as a reward every season to make more colorful customization.

In response to the launch of early access, Moon breaker’s first season track was also released. The season track is a content that pays rewards every time a user completes certain missions in the game. You can get a limited edition skin of Steelier. This season track will be held for about four months and offered free of charge.

In addition, the first episode of the audio drama “ Moon breaker: Story of Far Wonders ” was unveiled on the official YouTube of Crampon. Audio drama allows you to immerse yourself in the vast worldview and character written by the New York Times best-selling writer Brandon Sanderson. A total of three audio dramas will be released during the first season of Moon breaker.

We are doing our best to make fun games by working closely with various game communities, said Charlie Cleveland.

LIM Woo-hoo, head of the Kraft ton Publishing Group, said, Craft ton will spare no full support to the Renewal Walls and the game community to provide high-end games, starting with early access.