The maximum competition of League of Legends is just one day to start, teams from all over the world meet in the American continent from the Eastern lands to the country of the Samba the squads prepare to start the maximum competition celebrated Every year, in LATAM the maximum exponent of this year is Taurus, the Argentine shark that managed to defeat Astral in the grand final of the LA , we introduce you to the members of the Latin team.

Ali Says Bracamontes is one of the most iconic players within the Latin American competitive scene, known for being part of Lyon Gaming and his performance internationally, the Mexican player has participated in several of the appearances in the appearances in International Latin squads and face each occasion, now has a new opportunity to demonstrate its great talent before the rivals.

Omar Gavotte Gavotte is the shooter who led to the victory to the Team AZE team to achieve his promotion last year in the LVP Mexico, during this year he demonstrated great growth as a player giving what to talk about in each one Of the days, and now it seeks to make its name be heard in the different countries that enjoy League of Legends, being part of the Mexican trident Gavotte will have a great job for the intentional.

Closing the trident is Jesús Grill Loyal appears in the jungle of the sharks, after several lost finals he managed to fulfill his dream of being crowned as champion of the Maximum Latin League, considered one of the best players of his role in the continent It seeks to be able to do the duo along with Says to be able to achieve the dream of moving from the group stage and demonstrate that they are the strongest team.

From distant lands, King Add Geronimo joined the ranks of the shark but his passage through LATAM began in AZE next to Gavotte and this made Taurus put his eyes on them to add them to his team, the Korean player adapted very well to the squad to become a solid piece in the upper lane that during the tournaments was considered the rival to beat for the other squads.


Closing the formation we have the Korean support are Jelly Ho-Gyeong who played for free Frees for quite some time and in 2021 I arrived at the ranks of the shark to be the guardian of the shooters who passed by his side, this year We could see a great synergy between Jelly and Gavotte for which they were considered a fearsome duo in the lower lane, going through difficult challenges along with their international experience the Korean is ready for what follows.

The coach is a fundamental piece for all the squads for which Markus UKR Lumberer would have the role of giving glory to the squad, throughout this year the Argentine coach managed to create a team that would face everyone else which made them at this point to seek to give more joy to all Latinos that support the shark within this competition.

Undoubtedly, the shark team has created a great squad that will be fighting before the best rivals in the world but will first have to leave the group stage , Taurus will have its first confrontation against Mothers, one of the teams most beloved from the European Community and spring tournament champion, also