Often bombing, the good of Ryan Reynolds through the network of networks h just releed. And it is that the famous actor h published a hilarious and unexpected video a teer trailer of Deadpool 3 -and that you can see about these lines-to announce the relee date of his next film the mercenary Bonanz, now part of the UCM: September 6, 2024 . Although the most surprising thing about this occurrence is that it invites the very Hugh Jackman to return Wolverine , to which the Australian actor responds with a clear, of course, Ryan. Will we attend the expected return of Hugh Jackman wolverine in deadpool 3? Of course, the three claws bars on the character’s logo at the end of the video suggests, also giving the symbol of the 3 to the same. If in Marvel Studios do not give stitch without thread.


¿Deadpool and Wolverine again together in the cinema?

Yes, because remember that Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have already shared a screen their respective Marvel characters in the pt, although in a somewhat peculiar way. So much so, that Ryan Reynolds already played a very different Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine a villain, a version that fans did not like at all. Then, the actor already gave life to the Deadpool that we all know, to offer fans a great scene in Deadpool 2 in which he himself eliminated his previous Deadpool in the disbelief of Hugh Jackman’s wolverine. Now, they will apparently have a new opportunity to cross at the UCM.

However, Deadpool 3 will premiere after Thunderbolts , with what would be the film that would give the exit gun to phe 6 of the UCM. For now, both actors would be the first two confirmed names for this new installment, although with the multiverse and the temporal lines in between, it would not be strange if new cameos were confirmed in the coming months. In addition, Hugh Jackman would return to his fetish role after closing his stage with the fanttic Logan ; By the way, Deadpool 3 will maintain the rating of his previous deliveries, still being part of the UCM.

Shawn Levy (Free Guy, the Adam project) directs Deadpool 3 under a script signed by Rhett Reese and Paul Warwick , responsible for the two previous Deadpool films in Fox. Deadpool 3 It will arrive at theaters on September 6, 2024 **.