Although finding markers may seem just another experience in the style of hunting for garbage, in fact it offers a rather complex map with more than a few complex secrets that need to be found. With its small February 2022 Find The Markers, updating has added five more markers to detect players, including the one that we will consider in this brief guide, marker in peas .

Search for a marker in polka dots

After you appeared in Find the Markers, head to the deserted area of the card. If you get lost, remember where we found and collected a cowboy marker.

In this desert area there is a large pyramid-go right from this pyramid to the place depicted below.

From here, jump to the top of the sand cliff and turn left, following the cliffs to four cacti at a distance.

As soon as you get to the circle of cacti, go to its middle.

As soon as you do this, your avatar will be teleported to a colorful room full of peas.

In order to continue the path to the pea marker, we must take part in the mini-game in the style of Piling in this room, stepping on the green platform, depicted below, and hoping that our Roblox will land in a yellow hole when it falls.

If you do not immediately get into a yellow hole, it’s okay! You can try again until you do it. As soon as you get inside, you will again teleport you to another pea room. Inside this room is a pea marker!

To get this marker, just go to it and touch it. After that, you should get the corresponding icon and record Marked.

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