NBA 2K is back, and with him, once again, the ability to get into the good game, relatively speaking. While it is not immediately available at the launch, the official MyNBA2K23 application is now available for iOS and Android. And although PlayStation users had trouble accessing the application from the beginning, these problems have also been solved. So, now is the time to show you How to scan your player’s face in NBA 2K23 on iOS and Android .

Guide to scan your MPlayer in NBA2K23

Being capable of scan your face in NBA 2K23 It is a relatively simple process, but as you will see below, it requires a few steps.

* Make sure you have logged down where you play.

Your 2K account must be linked to your profile before logging into the application.
The options include: PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or Steam.

* Download the MyNBA2K23 application.

iOS and Android

* Look for a well-lit room.

The 2K front camera will have difficulty scanning in spaces with little light.

* Scan your face until the application indicates that it is over.

Be sure to look directly at the camera and only turn slightly when necessary.

Once you are ready with that, you can give life to those images. If done correctly, they are just a few simpler steps.

What to do after scanning your face in NBA2K23

Image source: 2k games through

  • Go to my career> Home> My Player> Appearance.
  • Once in appearance, click on the option scan your face.

From there, once again, assuming that his facial scan has been successful, they will take him to a load screen that indicates that they are currently building their scan. This should only take a handful of seconds. Of course, if you don’t like the results, you can always try to scan again. Remember, look for a well illuminated room and keep your eyes on that camera if you want to get the best results.

That is all we have for you on that forehead, 2K fans. Everything you need to know to order to scan your MPlayer face in NBA2K23 on iOS and Android is right here. And if you like what you see, stay. We have endless content related to NBA 2K23 for you, which includes, among others, how to change the difficulty of My career and its affiliation to My career, as well as much more in the links below. Keep your eyes fixed on, and we will be here to guide you in every step of the road.

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