Update 10.00 a.m.: The specialists of Gain access to the Animus likewise laid out to decrypt the code and also were able to analyze the last words of the logo design. We added your input below.

Sexism issues at Ubisoft: The French programmer as well as publisher has actually been accused of a hazardous corporate culture because July 2020. These consist of far-ranging sexism troubles, misogyny and also discrimination, which need to be deeply secured in the business. Ubisoft have currently drawn repercussions, as an example, workers of the management degree were exchanged as well as openly commented on the accusations, but these measures are not perceived by several staff members as inadequate.

Original message: With the introduction of Code name Here, a dark Assassin’s Creed Setup is on the scene, which provides a great deal of room for challenges. Currently, behind the logo that is shown to us in the initial intro trailer, info about the game is concealed. We as a result went directly to function ourselves to decode it-with very first successes.

Ubisoft does it again

In the beginning glimpse, the logo design of Code name Here might have just been aesthetically adapted to the witch-setting, yet at second glimpse it comes to be clear that there is a lot more surprise behind the image. The icons and also international language absolutely not only act as attractive, yet already consist of information.


Here the teaser with the logo design:

The truth that we can anticipate a riddle here would not go to the very least irregular for the programmers of Ubisoft Montreal, who generally deal with AC Here. They likewise made fun of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla a number of times to sprinkle with mystical information and also photos that the community was allowed to decrypt, for instance, for more information concerning upcoming LCS.

what the logo design already reveals and also what is still unclear

** What could that mean? In the Viking experience there were regular seasonal occasions based on the incorporation of these celebrations.

In addition to the actual air conditioner logo from branches, we see a celebrity that is similar to a hexagram, simply with 8 and also not with 6 spikes. This can also be based on the Wicca annual circle, also due to the circle/bike around it: a yearly cycle of eight pagan festivals, which is revealed by an eight-toothed celebrity within a circle/bike. The fixed Yule, IMOC, Star, Beltane, Lithe, Lughnasadh, Mason as well as Samoan each stand for a spike.

The star

The personalities as well as the message in the bike

** What could that suggest? We already understand him from Ohio. The sentence can mean a lot, as an example that the job in the covert and therefore the stealth share will be vital, but that is a pure presumption.

We were really able to appoint the font in the bike around the celebrity. The weird personalities are based upon an alphabet from Theophrastus Bombast us from Blenheim, better called Paracelsus.

We were able to read the external message in the bike with the font key from Paracelsus. **

The text in the star

Update: Many Thanks to Gain Access To the Bad blood, we now also understand the last word that results from the logo design. Words inside the circle checked out clockwise as Mephisto. If you combine the words, this results in a symbolic Mephisto profits your home. Your house can additionally mean a family or a household name.

Nevertheless, exactly how the text within the bike is not yet fairly clear. The order of exactly how the letters can be reviewed in as well as around the celebrity can differ. In addition, three letters would certainly need to be missing that hide under the branches. It is doubtful whether we have to consider placeholder or do not have to read them whatsoever. In theory, words house (center of the celebrity) and also retribution (within the bridles) can be read out.

the link from Paracelsus to Assassin’s Creed

Paracelsus itself might additionally have something to do with the witch setting of the video game. The Swiss lived from 1493 to 1541 as well as was called a physician, alchemist, theorist, mystic and also ethicist. In his 3 worksde sagas _,de pestelitateas well asphilosophic sagahe made a note of the concept of witch lesion. In it, for instance, he describes the qualities as well as source of supporters and witches burning. After efforts on corpses, he was banished as well as left to Constantinople, even more to Italy and also Germany.

But a lot more vital: Paracelsus is actually no complete stranger to the a/c universe. He is considered a secret participant of the assassins in Rome, is stated to have actually pertained to the rock of the sensible men as well as have ended up being crazy later. As necessary, maybe that he does not play an ally.

** What could that mean? Rather not likely, however still worth stating: Paracelsus in Constantinople might match that of Ohio, considering that a / c revelation plays from 1511 to 1512.

What do you state regarding the logo?

Original message: With the unveiling of Code name Here, a dark Assassin’s Creed Setup is on the scene, which uses a lot of area for puzzles. Sexism issues at Ubisoft: The French developer and also author has actually been implicated of a toxic business society given that July 2020. Update: Many Thanks to Accessibility the Bad blood, we now also understand the last word that results from the logo. Yet much extra crucial: Paracelsus is actually no unfamiliar person to the A/c universe. ** What do you say concerning the logo design?