The Disney & Marvel Games Showce showed that in Disney the video games move several steps below their television and cinematographic production. With much more adjusted budgets and pretensions, the games presented exploited, yes, the wide range of licenses it collects under its mantle.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns and his safe bet with Fire xis

One of the surprises came from Marvel’s Midnight Suns. After a couple of delays that made us think of possible internal development problems, a definitive date w finally revealed lt night. It will be on December 2 , and eye, with an exit scheduled on PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5 . Indeed, it seems that they have decided to relee ballt for the premiere and optimize resources. For now, the versions for lt generation, well for Switch. If you finally dismiss any of them, we doubt that it is that of the successful Nintendo console.

In a matter of gameplay, you know, shifts and card combinations with Marvel network characters, there should be no doubt about his solvency. Fire xis , those in charge of the project, move in safe and more known field (are responsible for pt and present clsics civilization and Com).

The game, bed on the comic Midnight Sons published by Marvel in the early 90s of the lt century, will make you at your disposaliconic characters * like Spider-Man, the scarlet witch, Captain America, the Captain Marvel, Iron Man or Dr. Strange. Also have the ghost, wolverine and blade motorist list, heating engines, makes us dream of future film and TV projects that are yet to come.