While skepticism was high for the series of prequels of the lord of the rings of Amazon Studios, it is fair to say that both critics and the public have a lot of fun when they return to the Middle-earth and rediscover the stories of origin behind a world of epic fantasy that is so deeply loved. A mystery that left fans perplexed before the series was debuting was simple: who would be the main antagonist in the Amazon program? If you are here, you are probably wondering who Morgoth is in the rings of power . Without further ado, we will immerse ourselves.

The power rings-Who is Morgoth?

Morgoth is a famous dark lord of the Middle Earth who is essentially the predecessor and mentor of the antagonist of the Lord of the Rings, Sauron. . In fact, Morgoth was the main dark lord of the first age and second age. Interestingly, Sauron was one of Morgoth’s best lieutenants, and would continue to supplant Morgoth’s position as a dark lord once defeated.


Morgoth, who also uses alias Melkor and Arun, symbolizes chaos and hates practically a lifetime, including elves, humans and dwarves. It is also known that Sauron’s predecessor created many evil beings in the world of Middle-earth, including balrogs (which we see in the lord of the rings) and dragons (as seen in the hobbit). In summary, he is the fierce villain who is full to the stops of hate and destruction, and is determined to end the era of men, elves and dwarves.

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