Sonic Frontiers showed its first trailer on The Game Awards 2022, excites a large number of fans of Sonic. Since the name will not be released until November 2022, the same fans are wondering if demo version will be available.


is there a demo Sonic frontiers?

Unfortunately, there are no plans to release a public demo version before the launch of Sonic Frontiers. The decision not to offer a demo version was disclosed during an interview with the head of Sonic Team Takashi Iizuka on Gamescom 2022. Instead, if players want to get a game earlier, it should be at conventions such as EGX and Tokyo. Game show.

The plot of Sonic Frontiers talks about the main character abandoned on a strange ancient island, filled with bizarre creatures to the edges. Sonic must find the missing emeralds of chaos in a huge open world. On every unique island you will find your tests in the genre of action-platform and many secrets that need to be disclosed. The new combat system will help Sonic in his battles with these creatures, as well as detailed trees of skills. Although this may not be the 2D-Side-Scroll, which fans hoped for, Sonic Frontiers seeks to move forward in a series fraught with mistakes. We will have more as soon as he came out on November 8, 2022.

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