Warning to all roboboxans with allergies: Wacky Wizards ingredient this week-peanuts! To find out how to unlock this ingredient and all seven potions with peanuts that go with him, continue to read a short guide below. Or, if you are looking for even more potions and recipes, be sure to read our full list of potions.

how to unlock the ingredient of the peanuts in Wacky Wizards

After appearing at Wacky Wizards, go to a large red shed near the pool. If you find that you turned away, remember where we unlocked the horseshoe ingredient!

Before this, Oz has a barn, and in the hand of the OZA, the ingredient of the peanuts! Click on peanuts to raise it.

To add peanuts to your collection, just teleport back into the boiler, throw the ingredient inward and click the button button to start brewing. After only a few seconds, peanut a potion should appear.


list of potions with peanuts

The list below presents all currently known potions with peanuts.

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