NHL 23 presents two legendary hockey players who break the ice in different ways. Both Sarah Nersada, and Trevor Zegrass from Anahaim Dax have won historical victories over the past few years. Below we will introduce you to these outstanding athletes.

covers of athletes for NHL 23

Sarah Nerss (striker of the Canadian national team)

Sarah Nerses became the first woman-chochetist to take off on the cover of the NHL game franchise. In 2022, she broke a record for the number of points scored during one Olympic hockey tournament among both male and women’s teams. In Canadian youth teams, she earned many gold medals and returned home from the 2018 Olympic Games with a silver medal after winning the US national team in a series of shootouts.

Trevor Zegrass (Center, Anaheim Dax)

Although Trevor Zegrass is still a newcomer, he made a name for himself during his first season with Anahaim Dax to such an extent that he even named the move, named after his honor. During his first season, he was called the newcomer of the month and became the finalist of the NOVICH of the Year Award of the NHL. At 21, he is one of the youngest players that have ever appeared on the NHL cover.

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