If a sequel to Days Gone seems endangered, Sony Interactive Entertainment does not intend to bazard the license by the home window. According to the effectively notified Due date, an adaptation to the cinema of the Open World game against a history of zombie intrusion is in the boxes on the side of Sony PlayStation Productions. It should be said that because the success of Undiscovered with Tom Holland ($ 402 million at the box workplace), there is something to be reinforced with the suggestion of transposing his most lovely video clip game licenses to the 7th art. According to Due date constantly, it was star Sam Heughan (seen in Outlander) who would have been cast to play Deacon St.jones, while writing of the circumstance would certainly have been entrusted to Sheldon Turner, assigned to the Oscars for Up in the Air With George Clooney in 2009. Still according to Deadline, this Gone Days for Movie Theater would certainly be a lively homage to motorcycle movies, while a romance would certainly be the usual string, with the background, a firm ravaged by the zombies. In the meantime, there is currently the collection The Last people by HBO and a Grandmother Turismo film which are additionally intended.