Pokemon Sword and Shield: Lost Origin is the last set that will be launched for the long-term TCG, and has a good amount of cards that most players should take into account. Some are great Pokémon that are ideal for new alignments, while others are coach letters capable of making possible new strategies. However, all this depends on knowing what you need to be attentive, which is why we have built this list of the the best cards to get Pokemon Sword and Shield: Lost Origin .


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HISUIAN ZOROARK VSTAR is configured to be one of the most wanted letters of the Pokemon Sword and Shield team: Lost Origin, and not only for their vstar state.

His main attack, Cursa Ticking, has great potential to cause damage, capable of increasing his power if other Pokémon in the player’s bank have damage counters. This provides the opportunity of a large number of new deck goals focused on receiving intentionally damage or counteracting powerful opponents after an exchanging series.

Similarly, its Phantom Star ability is excellent for any deck built around a fast card cycle, as well as to get players out of a difficult situation with a new potential list of tactical options. As such, it can play a secondary role as important as the main one, which makes Hisuian Zorark very versatile.


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Another potential vstar card to take, HISUIAN GOODRA VSTAR is as valuable as monetary.

Through the use of their Rolling Iron ability, players can decimate opponents with great damage at the same time that increase the defense of the letter against attacks. Meanwhile, your Moisture Star ability allows you to cure all the damage that has been caused so far, which gives the letter a new health bill and more time in the field.

This makes Hisuian Goodra vstar into an ideal tank for heavy blows, which inflicts large amounts of damage while receiving absurd damage with few problems and allows players to configure a variety of other plays as it does.

Aerodactil Vstar

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The next is Aerodactyl Vstar, and is among the best damage distributors of the cards you can get from Pokemon Sword and Shield: Lost Origin.

Using your Lost Dive attack, this letter can do a quick job even with the most bulky Pokémon cards that exist. It also has the additional benefit of adding the first three letters of the Mazo of a PLSYER to the lost zone, which allows the acceleration of strategies that depend on a high counter of lost z1. His Ancient Star ability is not to sneeze, since he instantly eliminates the skills of any Pokémon V at stake, provided they are not also Aerodactyl Vstars.

Complete it with the rarity and general value of the card, and it is easily one of the best cards to get Pokemon Sword and Shield: Lost Origin.


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While most will probably see this letter strictly for its rarity and value, Hisuian Electrode V is easily one of the best cards to get Pokemon Sword and Shield: Lost Origin thanks to their configuration attack.

Private of Tantrum Blast as his main offensive ability, this Pokémon is able to multiply the damage he inflicts for each special condition that affects it. This means that it could become strong enough to break down even the strongest cards, provided that enough time is taken to configure it correctly for success.

Of course, this can be complicated to achieve against decks destined for fast action or fire damage, but that still leaves a wide range of scenarios in which this Pokémon letter could be viable.

Radiant Gardevoir

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One of the few Radiant cards on this list, Radiant Gardevoir is easily one of the best cards to get Pokemon Sword and Shield: Lost originated for several reasons.

To begin with, there is your Loving Veil ability. While it is active, it reduces the damage inflicted to any of your Pokémon by the Pokémon V of your opponent. This gives an almost universal utility against opposite decks, provided that the opponent has and tries to use at least a Pokémon V.

His psychic attack is not negligible either. Able to increase the damage inflicted in 20 for each energy letter attached to the opponent’s Pokémon, it is a perfect punishment for anyone who tries to configure a powerful attack without the appropriate defenses.

Mirage Door

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An interesting coach card that with a specific purpose, Mirage Gate is an attraction that players should look at the door.

This letter allows players to stack energy letters in their Pokémon provided there are at least seven cards in their lost area. While this may seem difficult at first glance, reaching this number and then using this card is Pan eaten thanks to the effects of several Lost Origin set cards.

As a result, this letter is an easy way to accumulate most of the energy cards of a player in the blink of an eye, which allows you to use devastating attacks in rapid succession. This becomes even more pronounced if one can use the maximum of four in rapid succession, which makes this an easy letter to place among the best cards to get Pokemon Sword and Shield: Lost Origin.

Colress experiment

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Do not let the lack of rarity of this letter deceive you; Colress’s experiment has a lot of versatility in a wide range of mallets, which makes it one of the best cards to get Pokemon Sword and Shield: Lost Origin by far.

At first glance, the letter is very useful thanks to the fact that it allows you to steal three new cards every time it is used. This is perfect to search for the exact cards necessary for a specific strategy, while allowing players to change a different game plan if their current hand is not viable.

On the other hand, the fact that players discard two cards in the lost area is also very valuable. When combined with letters that can be extracted from the lost area, or letters that have enhanced attacks by having letters in the lost area, it can become a central pillar for some irritatingly effective strategies.

We will update this list accordingly as more letters are revealed before the complete western launch of the set. To get more information about everything related to Pokémon and TCG, do not hesitate to consult the articles related below or our list of the best economic decks of Pokémon TCG.

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