505 Games has announced that ARTPLAY’s Metroidvania’s Bloodstated: Ritual of the Night will have a collaboration update with Thatgamecompany’s Kaze no Tabito .

In this update, an underpass inspired by the world view and design of Kaze no Tabi Bit appeared. The player will use the abilities of the search and the Shard to pass through the labyrinth and challenge the final difficulty, the Guardian. If you can survive, you can receive special equipment related to Kaze no Tabi Bit.

Kaze no Tabi Bit (JOURNEY) Boss Area unlock

If you release the Gebel and unlock the giant beast district, you will find an entrance to the underpass. The place where the entrance is displayed is displayed on the map inside the castle (not in the giant beast district). When you head to the highlighted location on the map, there is an entrance inside.


  • Because it is a new hidden area, it does not affect the achievement rate or achievement of the map.

1.4 Notice of update

This update includes the following bug fixes and additional updates.

  • The new playable area explored by Miriam is produced based on the popular title Journey by Thatgamecompany, which has been well received, and has new items equipped with unique boss battles and Miriam. It is prepared.

  • If the option is not changed with a randomizer, modify the defect that the save room and warp room are randomized.

  • Fixed time display defects in the Nintendo Switch version

  • In the setting of the custom controller, modify the defect that the displayed command is not updated

  • Fix general defects

The collaboration update of Bloodstated: Ritual of the Night and Windno Tabi Bit will be distributed on August 23, local time.