Publisher Daedalic Entertainment announced on August 18 that it will launch Inkulinati early in 2022. Early access is scheduled to be distributed for Steam and Xbox, and the compatible platform after the official release is PC (Steam/ and Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch. It will also be offered on Xbox Game Pass. According to the Steam store page and the official website, it will also support Japanese display.

Inkulinati is a strategy game set in a medieval book. The player draws various animals on the book page, summons, and fights. It is said that the animals full of humor are drawn, and they use the actual medieval book picture as the motif. In addition to single play campaigns, there are also interpersonal modes.

In the single play campaign, popular motifs such as the Reaper and Dante Aligieri appeared in the Middle Ages. It is said that he will fight against the so-called popular character at the time. The title Inkulinati is a coined word that combines Illuminati and ink, which is a secret society. In the campaign, there is a story approaching the mystery over Inkulinati.

Players and opponents are summoned by drawing various animals on the page of medieval books. Operate the animals that have begun to move by magic ink and fight. In addition to attacks, animals can use skills such as status rise. In addition to the operations of animals, it seems that they can draw obstacles in the stage to create barriers and blast objects like gunpowder vases.

It is also possible to attack the enemy unit directly with the player’s hand. On the other hand, opponents can also take such tactics. A chaotic battlefield is likely to be drawn. It is said that sentences will be automatically generated in the page to convey the battle to the future.

There are a wide variety of animals that can be drawn. It is said that rabbits that shake their swords, cats fighting a heretical, and donkeys blowing trumpet with their ass. Each has strengths, weaknesses, and unique skills. Players seem to be able to unlock new animals by proceeding with the game.

This work is Yaza Games, which is based in Poland. On the official website, one of the works inspired by this work includes Bréviaire de Renaud de Bar, a manuscript of France around the 12th century. In addition to animals with swords, humor, such as fart and buttocks, seems to be based on medieval manuscripts. The people at that time seemed to love the stupid Mome like us. The official website reports that Bonnacon wants to search for Bonnacon as an example.

Inkulinati will be distributed early this winter for PC (Steam) and Xbox. The compatible platform after the official release is expected to be PC (Steam/ and Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch.